disease prevention through community, gardening and education

About Modesto Children’s Garden

The statement that Modesto Children’s Garden is a place and program that’s “close to the heart” of founder Jessica Coleman means much more when you hear her story.

Having been a leading advocate for children’s health for more than two decades raising awareness and financial support for Valley Children's Hospital and Modesto's Pelandale Specialty Care Center, Jessica faced her own health crisis when a congenital heart defect caused life-threatening medical events and resulted in her undergoing open-heart surgery.

Today, she and her husband, Greg, are even more committed to children’s health causes in general and addressing childhood obesity in particular. And with multiple growing seasons under their belt since founding Modesto Children’s Garden in 2020, their efforts along with Madison, Assistant Director at Children’s Garden—in collaboration with so many generous people and organizations—are blossoming bigger and brighter each year. 

Creating sustainable changes in the relationship that kids and families have with food and the environment will take time. But the Colemans and a growing group of supporters in Modesto and beyond are making tremendous progress! Learn how you can get involved with Modesto Children’s Garden.

From skies to soil


We’re pleased to say that with your support, our efforts over more than a decade to draw attention to Valley Children’s Hospital have helped raise awareness of their services and the amazing work they do. And now, the Pelandale Specialty Care Center is providing even easier access to health services in our area.

But our work’s not done!

We’ve shifted our focus to another critical children’s issue: the unrelenting epidemic of childhood obesity. Learn about the many ways Modesto Children’s Garden [link] is helping address it—through our children’s programs, Farmers Market, beautiful event spaces and more.

Then join us on this journey and become part of the solution!